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Join Our Waiting List

Joining our waiting list is the best way to request a spot when spaces are limited.  Unfortunately, we can't guarantee you will get a spot, but we will try our best.

Wait list fee: $51

Refundable: If we don't have a spot for your child within six months, you may request a $50 refund.  If we offer you a spot, your fee will be applied as credit to your registration fee.

Non-refundable: If we offer you a spot within six months and your plans have changed, you waive your fee.

After filling out the form, you will receive an invitation to join Brightwheel and an invoice for the wait list fee.  Please do not fill out the form if you only want to inquire but are not ready to join this list.  In that case, fill out a contact form instead.

Thank you for requesting to join this wait list! Please allow us a couple of days to contact you.

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