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Infants Room

We now have an infants' room for 2 months - 18 months!  When you look for the perfect place for your baby, we know exactly how to help.  

At Bilingual Early Learning Academy, we understand that leaving your baby in daycare for the first time can leave you with so many questions.  That is why we want to reassure you that we will always do our best to give your family a wonderful experience.

Our beautiful classroom is set up with safety and early stimulation in mind.  

Our teachers are highly trained in child development, infants' safety (including CPR, first aid, safe sleep, and  SIDS), and early stimulation for babies.

Our cozy building feels like home, and our huge beautiful backyard feels like infinite fun.  There is plenty of outdoor space to breathe fresh air and look at nature.

We use a language-rich approach to interact with all kids.  We strive for excellence in language learning from day 1, so your baby's brain develops to its full potential.

We have a low child-teacher ratio.  We believe that all children deserve to be safe and feel nurtured.  Our ratios are low to provide your child with only the best.


Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time)

Resource Fee: $40.00 (all children in the infants' room - semi-annual)

Tuition is based on age and the schedule of each child.  Please refer to the following tables:

***Ask about our financial aid program.*** 

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