Schedule and Tuition

Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time)

Supply Fee: $75.00 (18 mo and up - per semester)

Tuition is based on age and the schedule of each child.  Please refer to the following tables:

***Ask about our financial aid program.*** 

18 Month Old / 2-Year Old Preschool Class


Starting early will give your child a boost in acquiring a second language, and/or develop their first.  Toddlers are busy learners, curious, eager to explore... At BELA, we work hard to provide a nurturing environment for little learners, and fulfill all their needs.  

​3.5-Year Old Preschool Class

​Our 3 year old program highly focuses on building emergent literacy, Math basic concepts, exploration, fine and gross motor skills, social-emotional skills, and a high sense of community.

4-5 Year Old 
Transitional PreK Class

A PreK class is an important transition to K-12 education.  This class will prepare your child with a strong foundation in numeracy, literacy, exploration, social-emotional skills, and physical skills needed for school  Our main language of instruction is Spanish, but your child will receive an English vocabulary enrichment to be ready for Kindergarten.